Well, it’s a rainy Melbourne Tuesday – pretty nice really. Man, it’s getting dark early. I’m making chicken burritos for myself and my two sons tonight. Then I’ll probably watch some sport on TV. Any old sport will do. I’m reading a good book – All That I Am by Anna Funder. In Dog-land, we’re […]

Well, it’s a bit like sending out invites to the party and you’re sitting there waiting for the first brave soul to turn up. Does anyone care? Is anybody interested? I’m sitting at home beavering away on social media, probably giving people the shits, hoping that all of the important people who’ve been sent CDs […]

Myself and The Brothers met last night at Deluxe to practise the Day Of The Dog songs. Going back to the day of recording, some (most) of these songs were first takes and some had never been played before (or after) the day. Being the exceptional band of semi-professionals that we are, we launched into […]

Things are gearing up in Brothers-land for the imminent release of Day Of The Dog. The mighty H & C tour is drawing to a close. It’s been a fine adventure but it will be back to reality very soon. No more frenzied sambuca-skulling and nipple-biting for this one for awhile. Track three on the […]