I did an interview on Channel 10 news on Thursday about The Caravan Club, etc. I think that I exhibit half a brain. Here it is – http://code.ten.com.au/news/player/player.htm?vid=3593720075001. I’ve also been listening to some great new music that you should check out if you have the inclination – new CDs from Jeff Lang, Jolie Holland, Cash […]

Howdy folks. You can now buy tickets to the CD launch at The Caravan Club on Friday June 27th. Get ’em right here – http://www.caravanmusic.com.au/gigs/jack-howard-the-long-lost-brothers-cd-launch/. I have nothing else tonight – I’m still recovering from Eurovision. So much inspiration! We really need some new costumes. Enjoy the re-mix The Dog Descends as you go about your […]

Hi folks. I’m listening to the new Damon Albarn album right now. It’s very good. I cooked a reasonably successful lamb roast for dinner and took a long walk on the beach to clear the cobwebs away. On the recent H & C tour, Stuart Fenech (who looks after the H & C website) did […]