Howdy folks. It’s been a while. I’ve been on a very long European holiday with my wife, Fiona. More about that later and especially about our musical experiences; but today I wanted to share with you a lovely and sentimental tune about going to the footy with my dad back in the day. Big Carlton […]

Howdy. It’s been awhile – sorry about that. I’ve been suffering from self-promotion fatigue. We do have a good start to the year coming up however with three choice gigs (see the gig page). I’ve really been enjoying the school holidays! Reading books, watching movies and cricket, trying to get a tan going – all […]

Howdy folks. It’s school holidays and what better way to spend it than by writing a “protest” song about all of the paranoia and fear mongering being spread by the Abbott government and its media cronies (or is it the other way around?) You can check out the video here –; or you can download the song for […]

Another Monday, another blog it seems, another attempt at a dinner to please the teenage son. His enthusiasm wasn’t overwhelming. Dad dinners. Generally good but running short on inspiration. Anyway, I’ve got a cracker of a week coming up musically. Nicky Del Rey and I will be playing at The Standard Hotel this Wednesday Aug […]

As the title indicates, I’m home alone on this winter balmy Monday night. I think that I’ll go wild and use all of the kitchen appliances that I never get to use. I always mention the weather for some reason, even in songs – I think it comes from Tom Waits. He once said – […]

Howdy folks. Hunkered down in the midst of a freezing Melbourne winter – good footy and DVD weather. After a big few months of gigs, videos and the media frenzy (OMG, the paparazzi that I have to deal with – I feel like a Kardashian), things have quietened down a bit. Well..that’s aside from recording […]

Howdy folks. Our CD launch is fast approaching. You can buy your tickets right here on the gig page. It’s going to be awesome. This band that I am lucky enough to be playing with is something to behold! We also have very special guests, Charles Jenkins and Matty Vehl along for the ride. I’m […]

I did an interview on Channel 10 news on Thursday about The Caravan Club, etc. I think that I exhibit half a brain. Here it is – I’ve also been listening to some great new music that you should check out if you have the inclination – new CDs from Jeff Lang, Jolie Holland, Cash […]

Howdy folks. You can now buy tickets to the CD launch at The Caravan Club on Friday June 27th. Get ’em right here – I have nothing else tonight – I’m still recovering from Eurovision. So much inspiration! We really need some new costumes. Enjoy the re-mix The Dog Descends as you go about your […]

Hi folks. I’m listening to the new Damon Albarn album right now. It’s very good. I cooked a reasonably successful lamb roast for dinner and took a long walk on the beach to clear the cobwebs away. On the recent H & C tour, Stuart Fenech (who looks after the H & C website) did […]